Friday, November 16, 2012

Report of Salt Lake County Republican Central Commitee Meeting November 15

Last night I attended the quarterly meeting of the Salt Lake County Republican Central Committee. This meeting was for all Republican precinct chairmen in the county, so I was representing WJD030. There was 34% attendance, so many precincts were not represented. We reviewed the election results and heard reports from all the officers of the County Republicans. We also heard from all the candidates, both winning and losing, who were in attendance. Our newly elected representative Earl Tanner was there and spoke about his desire to work for us and to address the issues before the Utah legislature in an intelligent and responsible manner.

The meeting was disappointing because we never got to vote on the proposed amendment to the Bylaws. As far as I can see the new bylaw was designed to prevent radical elements of the party from taking time at meetings and detracting from important functions of the Central Committee. Before the meeting even started (before the prayer and the pledge), Dana Dickson was proposing to amend the agenda and to have the Bylaws Committee report on the proposed amendment. He also wanted to have a discussion about what was done in the election and more specifically to evaluate why he lost his race for Utah House of Representatives. Then other delegates had to contribute to the confusion. Eventually the proposal was referred to the Bylaws Committee. This amendment did not come from the Bylaws Committee. It came from the Central Committee officers. The Bylaws Committee has not been able to get a quorum together in their last two meetings and all they have been able to do is to protest the proposed amendment. I think that people voted for referring to the Bylaws Committee and closing the discussion just because they could see that the discussion was going to be long and involved and they did not want to stay too long. Actually the meeting was scheduled for 7:00 – 9:00 PM and we finished at 8:30 PM and still had time to hear from all the candidates (winning and losing) who were at the meeting. So my final analysis is that the amendment was defeated by the very thing it was designed to prevent. 

I am not sure whether I received my call to meeting in the mail or not and many people said that they did not. I received a postcard, but don't remember seeing a letter with the text of the amendment. However, I received all the information I needed to learn about the amendment via email. But some people claimed that they never received the email. If members of the group were not adequately informed, then perhaps it is good to postpone the decision making. I had decided to vote for the amendment.Maybe at a future meeting I will have the opportunity to vote for it. Last night's meeting was interesting to me and I feel like I was doing my duty by attending. 

It was interesting to note that Mitt Romney won in Salt Lake County, whereas in 2008 Barack Obama won in Salt Lake County. Also, in this year's election Salt Lake County was the only county where Democrats were elected. We live in Utah's "Swing County."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Information about Tomorrow's Meeting

Here is the link to information about the Salt Lake County Republican Central Committee Meeting.

Here is the proposed bylaw change that I will be voting on. I am studying the issue. Please contact me if you want to share your opinion and/or advise me.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment
November 15, 2012

SPONSORS: Chair Julie Dole, Vice Chair Chad Bennion, Secretary Ben Soholt, Treasurer Rob Anderson, Region Chair Barbara Stallone, Senate 9 Chair Neal Summers, Senate 10 Chair Michelle Hunt, Senate 11 Chair Mark Mills, Senate 12 Chair Kent Nay, Legislative 30 Chair Carma Nay, Precinct HER011 Chair Valarie Kingsbury, UT State House 38 Representative Eric Hutchings, Salt Lake County Assessor Lee Gardner, Salt Lake County Councilman At-Large Richard Snelgrove, Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott, Salt Lake County Treasurer K. Wayne Cushing.

Bylaws are the governing ordinances of our organization. As such, they should be respected and adhered to unless a significant reason exists to change them. Any changes should be made only after careful review and consideration, a comment period by all Republicans wishing to participate, and a final vote by County Central Committee Members. This procedure will prevent contradictory and confusing amendments being put into place and allow our Bylaw Committee the opportunity and time necessary to thoroughly review our current bylaws to correct any outdated or contradictory sections and to consider any other proposed amendments. Most major organizations designate an annual or biennial meeting with significant time for review by their Bylaw Committee and include a comment period for their members. It is wise for us to designate a biennial review held in odd years when municipal elections take place, as partisan election years require our attention to meeting our goal of getting qualified Republicans elected. Under our current form, considerable time may be lost at Central Committee Meetings hearing proposed bylaw amendments without allowing the body enough time to research the consequences. This continual amending of the bylaws without proper review and consideration may result in a number of bylaws that are contradictory and confusing.

Section 1. Amendments

A. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the County Central Committee with a minimum quorum of 20% of total membership present at a the duly-called County Central Committee meeting provided that prior notice is given in the notice of the meeting.
1. Bylaw changes will only be entertained at a biennial County Central Committee meeting designated for Bylaw changes, review and/or revision. The third quarter County Central Committee meeting occurring in odd years (municipal elections) will be designated as the meeting where Bylaws will be changed, reviewed, and/or revised.
2. All Bylaw changes and/or revisions will be submitted to the Bylaw Committee for their review, no later than the first quarter of odd years. All proposed Bylaw changes will be presented at the second quarter County Central Committee Meeting in odd years. No vote will be taken; the proposed changes will be shared electronically with Central Committee Members and party members for their review and comments. The final discussion and vote of Bylaw changes will be held during the third quarter meeting of odd years.

B. Proposed amendments must be submitted to members at least ten (10) working days prior to the date of the County Central Committee meeting, provided that such amendments may be amended at the meeting in accordance with the rules governing the meeting. When an action is under debate or before the County Central Committee, no amendment shall be in order when such amendment relates to a different purpose than the original action. No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted as an amendment.

Salt Lake County Republican Central Committee Meeting November 15

Here is the news from Julie Dole about tomorrow's meeting at 6:00 PM at Union Middle School:

I would like to invite everyone, who wishes to attend, to our quarterly Central Committee Meeting this Thursday. We will be discussing an important Bylaw change, that will be voted on by credentialed members, as well as hearing from our Newly Elected Republicans.

Are you tired of the rules shifting like sand, bylaw changes that are not well thought out, don't make sense, or appear to benefit cer
tain groups? The proposed Bylaw Amendment to Article XI is here to help by addressing how and when we make changes to our Bylaws and provides for public input and allows all changes to be well researched and vetted by ALL interested Republicans. Most organizations of our size already have this as a standard practice. We need to remember that the main goal of our organization is to get qualified Republicans elected, not to change our governing documents on a whim. The purpose of bylaws is to provide stability and continuity. Bylaws are designed to provide a level playing field and allow all members to know what the rules of the the body are.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Join Get Out the Vote Walks Tomorrow Saturday November 3, 2012


With only 4 days to go, Mia Love needs your help more than ever! This race is neck and neck, and will be decided by only a few votes. We need you to help us make the final push to ensure Mia will be our Congresswoman in District 4.

Tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 3, we will be reaching as many voters as possible by holding the state's largest Get Out The Vote walk of the 2012 election cycle. We will hold 5 simultaneous walks across CD4, and we want you to attend which ever park is closest to you. Each location will have Mia literature and door-hangers that will help turn out Utah voters in record numbers.

Join Mia herself at the Jordan Ridge Park (9500 South 2500 West) tomorrow to help deliver literature.

I will be at the Southridge Park (5085 South 4015 West) and will also be delivering literature in that area.

Local candidates and Utah Republican Party Staff will join us at these locations, and the other 3 locations.

More details for the walk and rally can be found by clicking the link below. We hope to see you tomorrow and that you can pledge an hour of your weekend to help Mia Love and the Republican Party beat Jim Matheson.


Chairman Thomas Wright

RSVP or learn more on Facebook here

You can also join me and local Republican Candidates for a Victory Rally tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 3 at either 1:00PM, 4:00PM or 6:00PM.

The rallies will be held at the Romney Victory Centers located in Orem and Midvale, and the Mia Love Victory Center in West Jordan.

RSVP on Facebook here

Orem Romney Victory Center
1111 S. 1350 W. Orem
Saturday, 1:00PM

Midvale Romney Victory Center
47 E 7200 S Midvale
Saturday, 4:00PM

Mia Love Victory Center
1227 W 9000 S West Jordan
Saturday, 6:00PM

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Victory Rally on Saturday

Join Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright and local Republican candidates
 for a Victory Rally on Saturday, Nov. 3 at either 1:00PM, 4:00PM or 6:00PM.

Join Chairman Wright immediately after the rally to make phone calls to undecided

 voters-- these calls will make the difference! We hope you will join us.  

RSVP on Facebook here 

Orem Romney Victory Center
1111 S. 1350 W. Orem
Saturday, 1:00PM

Midvale Romney Victory Center
47 E 7200 S Midvale
Saturday, 4:00PM

Mia Love Victory Center
1227 W 9000 S West Jordan
Saturday, 6:00PM



    Wednesday, October 31, 2012

    Three Days Remaining for Early Voting

    Dear Friends,
    Over 200,000 Utahns have voted early, as of Tuesday morning, either by mail or by visiting an early polling location. If you have yet to vote, try to get out and vote today to skip the lines and avoid the rush on Tuesday, November 6!
    If you were mailed a ballot, please send it back as soon as possible to ensure that your county clerk receives it on time.
    You may continue to vote early through Friday, November 2. To find your early voting location, CLICK HERE.
    Be sure to encourage your family, friends and neighbors to vote. Thank you for your support in my campaign for attorney general!
    John Swallow, Chief Deputy Attorney General

    Monday, October 29, 2012

    Town Hall at Desert Star Playhouse - Tuesday October 30th

    You are invited
    to a Town Hall at the
    Desert Star Playhouse
    Tuesday, October 30th
    All candidates will have time to speak & have a table.
    Light appetizers will be served.
    Governor Gary Herbert
    Mia Love
    Mark Crockett
    John Swallow
    John Dougall
    Christy Achziger
    Brian Shiazowa
    (Sen. Hatch may stop in)

    Thursday, October 25, 2012

    Republican Candidate Meet and Greet


    Representative Johnny Anderson invites you to a meeting of prominent Republican candidates for brief speeches, meet-and-greet, and questions and answers.

    Date: Friday, October 26, 2012
    Time: 7:30 pm
    Place: Taylorsville City Hall

    • Governor Gary Herbert
    • Mia Love, CD 4
    • John Swallow, Attorney General
    • John Dougall, State Auditor
    • Mark Crockett, County Mayor
    • Wayne Harper, SD 6
    • Johnny Anderson, HD 34

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    Three Ways to Help Mitt Romney Win

    Utah Republican Party

    Time is running out! Mitt Romney and Republicans all across the country are counting on your help now more than ever. There are only 25 days until the election and here are 3 ways you can contribute to a victory in November.

    1. Join us for Super Saturday and help us make it the biggest call day in Utah history. Sign up here

    2. Sign up to go on a deployment into Colorado for a weekend. Transportation, lodging, and meals will be paid for. Sign up here

    3. Sign up to deployment into Nevada for the final 72 hours of the campaign. Transportation,
    lodging, and meals will be paid for. Sign up here

    Connect with Utah Republican Party


      Wednesday, October 10, 2012

      Politics and Pizza!

      Come support your Republican candidates by walking neighborhoods for an evening or two!

      Jim Dunnigan, Johnny Anderson, Jim Bird, Ken Ivory, and Earl Tanner running
      for Utah House of Representatives;
      Wayne Harper for Utah Senate;
      and Mia Love for U.S. Congress

      What: Precinct Walking Event
      When : Every evening Oct. 8-12 from 6-8 p.m. Saturday Oct 13 10AM
      Where: Meet at Wayne Harper's home
      2094 West Surrey Circle (6035 South) in Taylorsville
      Turn right on first street north of Calvin Smith Elementary.
      It is the last home at the end of the cul-de-sac
      Overflow parking is available in elementary school parking lot
      Who: All interested persons, caucus attendees, delegates and their family and friends
      How: Groups will select a map and an area to deliver three pieces of literature: one for
      their representative, one for Harper for Senate and one for Mia Love for Congress.
      Party: Water and snacks will be provided before the walk and a pizza party will be at the
      Harper home at the end of the walk.
      Weather: Rain or shine, we will still be walking!
      Questions: Contact Wayne Harper at 801-566-5466 or at

      Monday, October 8, 2012

      Republican Party Grows in Utah

      Republican Affiliated Voters grew by 7% in last year and Republican Vote By Mail Voters Increased by 88%

      SALT LAKE CITY—Republican Party affiliation has grown by more than 36,794 in the last year -- an increase of nearly 7%. Republican voters in the state number 575,401 -- now outnumbering the 510,417 Unaffiliated voters. There are 108,645 registered Democrats. Rep
      ublican Vote By Mail voters have also increased by more than 45,000 to a total of 96,306. There are 19,096 Democrat and 49,987 Unaffiliated Vote By Mail voters. Republican Vote By Mail ballots now account for 57.6% of all ballots mailed.

      “Momentum is building as more and more Utahns feel the urgency to get involved in their community and to change the direction of this Country,” said Thomas Wright, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party. “I invite all Utahns to vote in the most historic election in Utah’s history. From Mitt Romney running for President to Congressional candidate Mia Love, there are plenty of reasons to vote. It is going to be a big year.”

      The increases are the result of the Utah Republican Party’s efforts to encourage participation in 2012. The Party’s outreach efforts will continue through Election Day. “I expect the highest voter turnout in Utah’s history and that is good for Utah and good for the Country,” said Chairman Wright.

      March: 125,000 Republicans attended their Neighborhood Caucus, doubling the previous attendance record

      April: the Party increased the number of state delegates from 3,500 to 4,000

      March-September: Hundreds of volunteers and workers registered over 45,000 new Republicans to Vote By Mail across the state. The total in the 4th Congressional District is 65,997.

      Oct – Nov 6: Over 300,000 direct voter contacts will be made providing voters with their polling
      location in the 4th Congressional District, and there will be hundreds of thousands of additional contacts made across Utah.

      Saturday, October 6, 2012

      Mail-in Voter Registration Deadline October 9

      SLCOGOP Update from Chair2
      Dear Contact First Name,

      Election Day is just a few weeks away. But for those with vote by mail ballots, it is NOW! If you haven't already, please sign up for a Vote By Mail(absentee) ballot or change your address here:

      Many of you have canvassed your neighborhoods. THANK YOU!! There are a few important deadlines to remember. The Voter Registration deadline is next Tuesday, October 9th. Please make sure to deliver all completed voter registration forms to the Salt lake County Clerks Office by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 9th:

      Salt Lake County Clerk's Office
      2001 South State, Suite S-2200
      Salt Lake City, Utah 84190-1050
      Tel: 435-468-7400

      Online or in-person Voter Registration will continue until 5:00PM, Monday Oct. 22.

      The deadline to turn in Vote By Mail Registration is Friday November 2nd. Please do not wait to turn these in to the County Clerks Office. Although the last day to officially turn in Vote By Mail Registration is the Friday before election, with mail constraints, please turn these in ASAP, and we strongly recommend no later than Monday October 22nd.

      Take a look at some compelling data to show why the vote by mail campaign is so important.

      1) In the Primary on June 26 2012, the Republican turnout for Vote by Mail was 67%. If you didn't get your ballot in the mail, but instead voted in person during early voting or on voting day, the turnout was 38%. In other words,if you received your ballot in the mail, you were 2 times more likely to vote.

      2) In the 2010 General Election, turnout for Republican Vote By Mail voters was 82%, compared to non vote by mail voters which was 67%. A difference of 15% which can swing a race.

      Please note that as of July 31st, 2012, only 33% of all Republicans were registered to vote by mail. Here are some facts to consider:
      • You can STILL vote at the polls: Just bring the VBM ballot with you and surrender to the poll worker. Lost the ballot, you can still vote at the poll provisionally.
      • Do Your Homework: Voting by mail gives voters a chance see what is on the ballot and to research candidates and issues prior to arriving at the polls. Check out our SLCo candidates.
      • Vote Early and Make it count: We've all had issues that have prevented us from arriving at the poll on election day. We work diligently to get there, but we miss a vote. In the event any of you question whether this is true, take a look at municipal primary elections over the last decade. Turnout in a municipal primary is often in the SINGLE digits.
      Forward this on to your friends and family, so everyone is registered and signed up to Vote By Mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


      Julie Dole, Chair
      Salt Lake County Republican Party
      Message sent by the Salt Lake County Republican Party. Click to follow us or donate:
      SLCOGOP.COM Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter DONATE

      This email was sent to by |
      Salt Lake County Republican Party | PO Box 719 | Salt Lake City | UT | 84110

      Saturday, September 22, 2012

      Permanent Vote By Mail is the Way to Go!

      Permanent Vote by Mail has been shown to increase participation in elections and to help win elections.

      Here are some advantages:

      • No more waiting in lines, sometimes for hours.
      • No worrying about where to vote.
      • Time at home to research the candidates, propositions, judges, etc.
      • No need to take time away from work and family.

      You receive your ballot in the mail and then you have these options.

      • Complete it and mail it to the county clerk.
      • Complete it and turn it in at any polling place on election day or any polling place where there is early voting.
      • Surrender it on election day at your polling place (West Jordan Middle School for WJD030) and then vote in the usual way using the touchscreens.

      I can think of only two disadvantages.

      • If you are very disorganized there is the possibility you would lose your ballot and then you wouldn't be able to vote and that would be a tragedy.
      • If you live with one or more very overbearing persons and you can't stand up to them, you might want to have the privacy of voting at the polls so they couldn't tell you how to vote.

      Here is how to sign up for permanent vote by mail.

      Go to  and click on the absentee ballot request icon.

      Call Jeanette Drake at 801-561-8745 immediately, at least before September 28.

      Tuesday, September 4, 2012

      Constitution Day Picnic Friday September 14

      Friday, September 14, 2012
      Event will take place Rain or Shine
      Time: 6:00-8:30PM
      Catered BBQ served until 7PM
      Veteran’s Memorial Park
      1985 W 7800 S, West Jordan
      Large Pavilion by Wild West Jordan Wood playground
      Additional Parking behind City Hall—8000 S Redwood Rd, West Jordan
      Salt Lake County Republican Party or
      PO Box 719, Salt Lake City, UT 84110
      Many thanks to all our Picnic Sponsors.
      Special Thanks to our Premiere Sponsor John Swallow
      & Platinum Sponsor US Senator Orrin Hatch.
      Please join us as a thank you for your service. Invite your friends & enjoy a
      catered picnic at no charge to you, great music, playgrounds & camaraderie in
      celebrating our great
      Constitution of the
      United States of America.

      Saturday, August 25, 2012

      Watch Parties in West Jordan

      Dear Republicans of Voting District WJD030,
      As we get closer to the general election of 2012, I have decided to be more active with this blog 
      and pass along information that I am receiving from the Salt Lake County Republican Party and 
      the Utah Republican Party. I hope that some of you will read this blog and find useful information. 
      I you would like to be on the email list for these messages, you can go to the web sites for Salt Lake County Republican Party and Utah Republican Party and you should be able to sign up for regular emails.
      Jeanette Drake
      Utah Republican Party

      Come watch Mia Love's Convention speech this Tuesday at the Mia Love Victory Center. We will begin the watch party at 5:30PM. Popcorn and sodas will be served.

      On Thursday, at the Victory Center, we will watch Mitt Romney accept the Republican Presidential Nomination! We'll have a big screen outside, an outdoor grill with burgers, and drinks. Bring your family, come down and enjoy a night at the Victory Center with Mia Love as we move closer to Republican victories this fall!

      RSVP and learn more here
      Learn more about Mia Love here
      To get involved with the Mia Love Victory Center, click here
      Connect with Utah Republican Party
      Utah Republican Party

      © Copyright 2011. Utah Republican Party. All Rights Reserved. IMPORTANT NOTE: The State Party does not distribute email addresses to anyone seeking them. We offer this email service to facilitate communication to GOP faithful across the State. All declared Republican candidates for public office in Utah have equal opportunity to use this service. This e-mail may contain the opinions of others and is not necessarily the opinion of the Utah Republican Party.
      Utah Republican Party
      117 E. South Temple
      Salt Lake City, UT 84111


        Saturday, April 21, 2012

        Map of Utah Congressional Districts

        Here is a link for all of us who are wondering about the new Utah Congressional Districts. The same web page also has options to display all the other political districts for the state, such as state house, state senate, state school board.

        Utah Districts Map

        Bow Ties are Cool at Utah State Republican Convention

        Tuesday, April 17, 2012

        Advocacy Group Leaving Out Details

        This post comes from the Republican party chairman of our legislative district 43, Merlene Cook.

        Martin Harker (precinct chair WJD009) sent the link to the article in Deseret News titled…Advocacy Group Leaving Out Details.
        It is an excellent article.
        Here is a link to that article -
        Thanks Martin for passing it along.
        Merlene Cook
        LD 43

        The article is about the advocacy groups which are involved in the Republican race for U.S. Senate.

        Saturday, April 14, 2012

        Salt Lake County Republican Convention is Today!

        Good luck to all the candidates and delegates at the convention today. We hope everything runs smoothly and that the best decisions are made.

        If you are into Twitter here is the hashtag to help you keep in touch.  #SLCoGOP

        Friday, April 13, 2012

        Volunteering for the Utah State Republican Convention


        If you are interested in volunteering for the 2012 Nominating Convention, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Helen Redd -

        Below are descriptions of the volunteer positions. Please request the position you would like if you have a preference.

        Credentials Issuers: 96 volunteers needed

        Shift: 6:15 am – 10:40ish am
        Job Description: Will work in teams of 4 to register delegates, provide credentials and ballots
        Breakfast: Doughnuts, muffins and juice
        Other info: Credentials volunteers can be state delegates. They should plan on missing the first 30-40 minutes of the Convention, but should be able to hear candidate speeches.

        Credentials Monitors: 8 volunteers needed
        Shift: Willing to meet Friday at 6:00pm at South Towne Expo Center and 6:00am Saturday Morning
        Job Description: Will monitor the credentials area – direct people where to go. They will each be in charge of a three check in lines for one congressional district. They will explain the check in process to the credential issuer volunteers. Each Credentials Monitor will carry a binder with the state delegate list in it. Morning of convention they will explain and organize their section of credential volunteers. Will assist the 3 check in lines for questions and problems. When a delegate has a problem they will take the person to the credentials problem room. They will collect lists from the credential check in area and deliver them to the credentials counter.
        Breakfast: Doughnuts, muffins and juice
        Other info: Credentials Monitors can be state delegates. They should plan on missing the first 30-40 minutes of the Convention, but should be able to hear candidate speeches.

        Credentials Counters: 6 volunteers needed
        Shift: 8:15 am – 10:40ish am
        Job Description: Will help count credentials tally sheets to come up with credentials number.
        Breakfast: Doughnuts, muffins and juice
        Other info: Credentials Counters can be state delegates. They should plan on missing the first 30-40 minutes of the Convention, but should be able to hear candidate speeches.

        Elections – Floor Voting Assistance: 40 volunteers needed
        Shift: 10:00 am – 3 pm (or end of convention)
        Training: Friday, April 20, at 6:00 pm at South Towne Expo Center
        Job Description: These volunteers will be standing in the isles throughout the convention hall to help delegates with questions about their voting device. They will be available during the actual voting – and if someone has a problem with their keypad, or needs help voting, these volunteers will be available to help or resolve any issues. If an issue can’t be resolved on the floor, the volunteer will walk the delegate over to the elections troubleshooting table. They will also assist in floor counting when necessary.
        Lunch: Provided, and concessions are available throughout the day
        Other info: Voting Assistance Volunteers will be provided with a T-shirt and Election Credentials.

        Elections - Security Volunteers: 40 volunteers needed
        Shift 1: 6:30 am - 10:45am (4 teams of 5, each at an exit)
        Shift 2: 10:45 am – 3pm (or end of Convention) (4 teams of 5, each at an exit)
        Training: Friday, April 20, at 6:00 pm at South Towne Expo Center
        Job Description: These volunteers will be sitting at stations by all doors that exit the building. They will need to stop each credentialed State Delegate and have them surrender their voting keypad/credential before exiting. Any credentialed Delegate entering the building will also need assistance to pick up their keypad/credential that matches their credentials.
        Breakfast: Doughnuts, muffins and juice
        Lunch: Provided, and concessions are available throughout the day
        Other info: Security Volunteers will be provided with T-shirts, Election Credentials, card to hand out saying “I’ve surrendered my keypad by leaving the building”

        Elections - Multi-County Race Volunteers: 25 volunteers needed
        Shift: 7:30 am – 10 am
        Training: Friday, April 20, at 6:00 pm at South Towne Expo Center
        Job Description: Help to count ballots and assist the chair of each Multi-County Race.
        Breakfast: Doughnuts, muffins and juice
        Other info: Will be provided with a T-shirt and Election Credentials.

        Elections - Keypad Demonstrators: 15 volunteers needed
        Shift 1: 6:30 am – 10:00 am (Elections Booth)
        Training: Friday, April 20, at 6:00 pm at South Towne Expo Center
        Job Description: Assisting state delegates, and anyone else interested in the function of the electronic keypads. Each Keypad Demonstrators will have their own projector display and voting receiver to show examples of voting on a different frequency. They will answer questions and need to be well versed in using electronics and customer service.
        Breakfast: Doughnuts, muffins and juice
        Other info: Keypad Demonstrators will be provided with T-shirts, Election Credentials, laptop with turning point software, projector, troubleshooting instructions.

        Election - Troubleshooters: 8 volunteers needed
        Shift: 10 am – 3 pm (or end of convention) (Elections Booth)
        Training: Friday, April 20, at 6:00 pm at South Towne Expo Center
        Job Description: These volunteers will be assisting state delegates if an issue with their keypad cannot be resolved by a volunteer on the floor. These volunteers need to be highly technical and familiar with electronics as well as excellent customer service skills. They will be working in conjunction with technical staff and the elections committee to resolve issues quickly.
        Lunch: Provided, and concessions are available throughout the day
        Other info: Election Troubleshooters will be provided with a T-shirt and Election Credentials.

        Information about State Republican Candidates

        Here is some information copied from the Utah State Republican Party web site. I wish I had some more information to share about Salt Lake County Republican candidates. The County convention is tomorrow. If you have opinions to share with our delegates, let Preston Brooksby, Michael Mahnken and Van Walther know today.

        Over the next few days, we’ll be helping you discover more about a number of the state Republican candidates. Instead of having to search all over the internet to find this information, we’ve compiled it in one place. Helpful, huh?
        The information will provide you with more tools to get in touch with the candidates, and be able to find out a bit more about who they are and what they stand for.
        Today, we’ll post the information for statewide candidates. These offices include governor, attorney general, and state auditor.

        Candidates for Governor:

        Candidates for Attorney General:

        Candidates for Auditor:

        Candidate for Treasurer:

        • Richard Ellis: Phone: (801) 569-1464. Here’s a link to this candidate’s email, and monthly message

        Monday, April 9, 2012

        State Republican Convention Information

        Below is a letter sent to all state delegates. It contains useful information for all of us who are interested in the political process. The State Republican Convention will be Saturday April 21, 2012 at South Towne Expo Center. The delegates from our voting district are Jim Gastelum and Van Walther. Please contact them if you have suggestions or questions.

        Dear State Delegate,
        Congratulations on being elected a State Delegate for the Utah Republican Party! The upcoming State
        Convention will be the biggest political event in Utah’s history. I encourage you to study the candidates,
        the Party Platform and other ballot issues you will be voting on which are all available at Please be invested in all races and plan to stay until the end of the Convention. We
        have a lot to get done.
        Check in and Registration – State Delegates will check-in by Congressional District and then by last
        name. Registration starts at 7 a.m. and ends around 9:30 a.m. The general Convention will start
        promptly at 10 a.m. Once the final credentials report is adopted by the convention body, registration
        will be closed. Please arrive early to avoid complications in participating. Please bring a photo ID.
        Multi-County Districts – County Delegates at county conventions typically decide races for the State
        Legislature. But when a legislative district crosses over county lines then State Delegates participate in
        the election at the State Convention.
        If you are a resident of the following district(s) please be in place at the South Towne Expo Center at the
        listed “Start Time” below. You will need to check in for the general convention in Hall 1 to receive your
        State Delegate credentials and electronic voting keypad (this will take 15 minutes). You will also need to
        check in again at your State House or State Senate election before the starting time (this will take about
        5 minutes).
        Start Time Location Election
        7:30am Hall 5 State House Districts 55, 58, 68, 70 and 71
        7:30am Room 300D State House District 53
        7:30am Room 400 State House District 29
        8:30am Room 300D State Senate District 16
        8:30am Room 400 State Senate District 23
        8:30am Hall 5 State Senate Districts 19, 24, 27 and 28
        8:30am Hall 4 (north) *State House Districts 1, 11, 12, 28, 54, 69, and, 73
        8:30am Hall 4 (north) *State Senate Districts 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 20, 25, and 26
        *These races are not contested, but will be informally meeting for one hour.