Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watch Parties in West Jordan

Dear Republicans of Voting District WJD030,
As we get closer to the general election of 2012, I have decided to be more active with this blog 
and pass along information that I am receiving from the Salt Lake County Republican Party and 
the Utah Republican Party. I hope that some of you will read this blog and find useful information. 
I you would like to be on the email list for these messages, you can go to the web sites for Salt Lake County Republican Party and Utah Republican Party and you should be able to sign up for regular emails.
Jeanette Drake
Utah Republican Party

Come watch Mia Love's Convention speech this Tuesday at the Mia Love Victory Center. We will begin the watch party at 5:30PM. Popcorn and sodas will be served.

On Thursday, at the Victory Center, we will watch Mitt Romney accept the Republican Presidential Nomination! We'll have a big screen outside, an outdoor grill with burgers, and drinks. Bring your family, come down and enjoy a night at the Victory Center with Mia Love as we move closer to Republican victories this fall!

RSVP and learn more here
Learn more about Mia Love here
To get involved with the Mia Love Victory Center, click here
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