Saturday, September 22, 2012

Permanent Vote By Mail is the Way to Go!

Permanent Vote by Mail has been shown to increase participation in elections and to help win elections.

Here are some advantages:

  • No more waiting in lines, sometimes for hours.
  • No worrying about where to vote.
  • Time at home to research the candidates, propositions, judges, etc.
  • No need to take time away from work and family.

You receive your ballot in the mail and then you have these options.

  • Complete it and mail it to the county clerk.
  • Complete it and turn it in at any polling place on election day or any polling place where there is early voting.
  • Surrender it on election day at your polling place (West Jordan Middle School for WJD030) and then vote in the usual way using the touchscreens.

I can think of only two disadvantages.

  • If you are very disorganized there is the possibility you would lose your ballot and then you wouldn't be able to vote and that would be a tragedy.
  • If you live with one or more very overbearing persons and you can't stand up to them, you might want to have the privacy of voting at the polls so they couldn't tell you how to vote.

Here is how to sign up for permanent vote by mail.

Go to  and click on the absentee ballot request icon.

Call Jeanette Drake at 801-561-8745 immediately, at least before September 28.