Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Three Days Remaining for Early Voting

Dear Friends,
Over 200,000 Utahns have voted early, as of Tuesday morning, either by mail or by visiting an early polling location. If you have yet to vote, try to get out and vote today to skip the lines and avoid the rush on Tuesday, November 6!
If you were mailed a ballot, please send it back as soon as possible to ensure that your county clerk receives it on time.
You may continue to vote early through Friday, November 2. To find your early voting location, CLICK HERE.
Be sure to encourage your family, friends and neighbors to vote. Thank you for your support in my campaign for attorney general!
John Swallow, Chief Deputy Attorney General

Monday, October 29, 2012

Town Hall at Desert Star Playhouse - Tuesday October 30th

You are invited
to a Town Hall at the
Desert Star Playhouse
Tuesday, October 30th
All candidates will have time to speak & have a table.
Light appetizers will be served.
Governor Gary Herbert
Mia Love
Mark Crockett
John Swallow
John Dougall
Christy Achziger
Brian Shiazowa
(Sen. Hatch may stop in)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Republican Candidate Meet and Greet


Representative Johnny Anderson invites you to a meeting of prominent Republican candidates for brief speeches, meet-and-greet, and questions and answers.

Date: Friday, October 26, 2012
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Taylorsville City Hall

  • Governor Gary Herbert
  • Mia Love, CD 4
  • John Swallow, Attorney General
  • John Dougall, State Auditor
  • Mark Crockett, County Mayor
  • Wayne Harper, SD 6
  • Johnny Anderson, HD 34

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three Ways to Help Mitt Romney Win

Utah Republican Party

Time is running out! Mitt Romney and Republicans all across the country are counting on your help now more than ever. There are only 25 days until the election and here are 3 ways you can contribute to a victory in November.

1. Join us for Super Saturday and help us make it the biggest call day in Utah history. Sign up here

2. Sign up to go on a deployment into Colorado for a weekend. Transportation, lodging, and meals will be paid for. Sign up here

3. Sign up to deployment into Nevada for the final 72 hours of the campaign. Transportation,
lodging, and meals will be paid for. Sign up here

Connect with Utah Republican Party


    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Politics and Pizza!

    Come support your Republican candidates by walking neighborhoods for an evening or two!

    Jim Dunnigan, Johnny Anderson, Jim Bird, Ken Ivory, and Earl Tanner running
    for Utah House of Representatives;
    Wayne Harper for Utah Senate;
    and Mia Love for U.S. Congress

    What: Precinct Walking Event
    When : Every evening Oct. 8-12 from 6-8 p.m. Saturday Oct 13 10AM
    Where: Meet at Wayne Harper's home
    2094 West Surrey Circle (6035 South) in Taylorsville
    Turn right on first street north of Calvin Smith Elementary.
    It is the last home at the end of the cul-de-sac
    Overflow parking is available in elementary school parking lot
    Who: All interested persons, caucus attendees, delegates and their family and friends
    How: Groups will select a map and an area to deliver three pieces of literature: one for
    their representative, one for Harper for Senate and one for Mia Love for Congress.
    Party: Water and snacks will be provided before the walk and a pizza party will be at the
    Harper home at the end of the walk.
    Weather: Rain or shine, we will still be walking!
    Questions: Contact Wayne Harper at 801-566-5466 or at

    Monday, October 8, 2012

    Republican Party Grows in Utah

    Republican Affiliated Voters grew by 7% in last year and Republican Vote By Mail Voters Increased by 88%

    SALT LAKE CITY—Republican Party affiliation has grown by more than 36,794 in the last year -- an increase of nearly 7%. Republican voters in the state number 575,401 -- now outnumbering the 510,417 Unaffiliated voters. There are 108,645 registered Democrats. Rep
    ublican Vote By Mail voters have also increased by more than 45,000 to a total of 96,306. There are 19,096 Democrat and 49,987 Unaffiliated Vote By Mail voters. Republican Vote By Mail ballots now account for 57.6% of all ballots mailed.

    “Momentum is building as more and more Utahns feel the urgency to get involved in their community and to change the direction of this Country,” said Thomas Wright, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party. “I invite all Utahns to vote in the most historic election in Utah’s history. From Mitt Romney running for President to Congressional candidate Mia Love, there are plenty of reasons to vote. It is going to be a big year.”

    The increases are the result of the Utah Republican Party’s efforts to encourage participation in 2012. The Party’s outreach efforts will continue through Election Day. “I expect the highest voter turnout in Utah’s history and that is good for Utah and good for the Country,” said Chairman Wright.

    March: 125,000 Republicans attended their Neighborhood Caucus, doubling the previous attendance record

    April: the Party increased the number of state delegates from 3,500 to 4,000

    March-September: Hundreds of volunteers and workers registered over 45,000 new Republicans to Vote By Mail across the state. The total in the 4th Congressional District is 65,997.

    Oct – Nov 6: Over 300,000 direct voter contacts will be made providing voters with their polling
    location in the 4th Congressional District, and there will be hundreds of thousands of additional contacts made across Utah.

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    Mail-in Voter Registration Deadline October 9

    SLCOGOP Update from Chair2
    Dear Contact First Name,

    Election Day is just a few weeks away. But for those with vote by mail ballots, it is NOW! If you haven't already, please sign up for a Vote By Mail(absentee) ballot or change your address here:

    Many of you have canvassed your neighborhoods. THANK YOU!! There are a few important deadlines to remember. The Voter Registration deadline is next Tuesday, October 9th. Please make sure to deliver all completed voter registration forms to the Salt lake County Clerks Office by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 9th:

    Salt Lake County Clerk's Office
    2001 South State, Suite S-2200
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84190-1050
    Tel: 435-468-7400

    Online or in-person Voter Registration will continue until 5:00PM, Monday Oct. 22.

    The deadline to turn in Vote By Mail Registration is Friday November 2nd. Please do not wait to turn these in to the County Clerks Office. Although the last day to officially turn in Vote By Mail Registration is the Friday before election, with mail constraints, please turn these in ASAP, and we strongly recommend no later than Monday October 22nd.

    Take a look at some compelling data to show why the vote by mail campaign is so important.

    1) In the Primary on June 26 2012, the Republican turnout for Vote by Mail was 67%. If you didn't get your ballot in the mail, but instead voted in person during early voting or on voting day, the turnout was 38%. In other words,if you received your ballot in the mail, you were 2 times more likely to vote.

    2) In the 2010 General Election, turnout for Republican Vote By Mail voters was 82%, compared to non vote by mail voters which was 67%. A difference of 15% which can swing a race.

    Please note that as of July 31st, 2012, only 33% of all Republicans were registered to vote by mail. Here are some facts to consider:
    • You can STILL vote at the polls: Just bring the VBM ballot with you and surrender to the poll worker. Lost the ballot, you can still vote at the poll provisionally.
    • Do Your Homework: Voting by mail gives voters a chance see what is on the ballot and to research candidates and issues prior to arriving at the polls. Check out our SLCo candidates.
    • Vote Early and Make it count: We've all had issues that have prevented us from arriving at the poll on election day. We work diligently to get there, but we miss a vote. In the event any of you question whether this is true, take a look at municipal primary elections over the last decade. Turnout in a municipal primary is often in the SINGLE digits.
    Forward this on to your friends and family, so everyone is registered and signed up to Vote By Mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Julie Dole, Chair
    Salt Lake County Republican Party
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