Monday, October 8, 2012

Republican Party Grows in Utah

Republican Affiliated Voters grew by 7% in last year and Republican Vote By Mail Voters Increased by 88%

SALT LAKE CITY—Republican Party affiliation has grown by more than 36,794 in the last year -- an increase of nearly 7%. Republican voters in the state number 575,401 -- now outnumbering the 510,417 Unaffiliated voters. There are 108,645 registered Democrats. Rep
ublican Vote By Mail voters have also increased by more than 45,000 to a total of 96,306. There are 19,096 Democrat and 49,987 Unaffiliated Vote By Mail voters. Republican Vote By Mail ballots now account for 57.6% of all ballots mailed.

“Momentum is building as more and more Utahns feel the urgency to get involved in their community and to change the direction of this Country,” said Thomas Wright, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party. “I invite all Utahns to vote in the most historic election in Utah’s history. From Mitt Romney running for President to Congressional candidate Mia Love, there are plenty of reasons to vote. It is going to be a big year.”

The increases are the result of the Utah Republican Party’s efforts to encourage participation in 2012. The Party’s outreach efforts will continue through Election Day. “I expect the highest voter turnout in Utah’s history and that is good for Utah and good for the Country,” said Chairman Wright.

March: 125,000 Republicans attended their Neighborhood Caucus, doubling the previous attendance record

April: the Party increased the number of state delegates from 3,500 to 4,000

March-September: Hundreds of volunteers and workers registered over 45,000 new Republicans to Vote By Mail across the state. The total in the 4th Congressional District is 65,997.

Oct – Nov 6: Over 300,000 direct voter contacts will be made providing voters with their polling
location in the 4th Congressional District, and there will be hundreds of thousands of additional contacts made across Utah.