Tuesday, July 9, 2013

West Jordan City Elections 2013

This year's elections will be held by mail. You should be getting your ballots in the mail soon. Here is the link to a sample ballot for our precinct: Sample Ballot WJD030

Candidates for West Jordan City Mayor (vote for one)
Ben Southworth
Kim V. Rolfe
Sophie Rice
Clive M. Killpack
Mike Kellermeyer
M. Rory Munns
Melissa Mae Worthen
Daniel E. Argueta
Dirk S. Burton

Candidates for West Jordan City Council At Large (vote for two)
Gregory M. Simonsen
Chad Nichols
Timothy McConnehey
Dixie Memmott
Michel J. Erdmann
Zach Jacob
Eric Hanna
Jeff Haaga
Isaac Alejandro Giron
Nathan Gedge
Jared Belcher