Saturday, December 21, 2013

News from James Evans, Utah Republican Party Chairman

Welcome to this week's newsletter.
There is a lot going on in Utah politics! 2013 has been historic. I would first like to thank all of those who ran for the vacant Attorney General position. Each one worked hard in a short time frame, and accommodated their schedules to reach out. That said, special congratulations goes to the three candidates, Sean Reyes, Robert Smith, and Brian Tarbet, who won at last Saturday's Special State Central Committee meeting. The Governor will now pick one from among those three. You can see the results of the meeting here.
For your information, Governor Mitt Romney will be attending the "Elevating Utah Commercial Real Estate Dinner" on January 14, 2014. If you have interest in attending, click here.
Yesterday, federal judge Robert Shelby ruled Amendment 3, Utah’s ban on same sex marriage, unconstitutional. If you would like to help the Utah Republican Party fight for traditional marriage, click here.
Neighborhood Caucus Elections are approaching fast! We are just a little under four months away from the big night, and are busily working to make 2014 another successful year. One thing that will really help us is to have each of you donate just $5 today. I know it's the holidays, but a small donation will make a big difference. Below are changes to our Neighborhood Caucus Meetings that will make it easier for you to participate.
  • If you are in the military or on religious service out of the state, you can cast a ballot at the Neighborhood Caucus Meetings.
  • If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can cast an absentee ballot.
  • You can check in and register online for the meetings in advance.
  • We have included an optional Meet-and-Greet one hour prior to the neighborhood caucus meetings.
As we implement these changes, we hope you will plan to join us on March 20th 2014, and encourage you to bring your family and friends.
Jim Matheson announced this week that he will not run for election in 2014. While this news was unexpected, we were confident that we would win CD4 in 2014, and are even more confident now. We are looking forward to sending four Congressional Republicans to Washington next year - but it will still take resources to ensure we win. Please donate here to help out.
Lastly, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays. Please reach out to the Party if you have any questions at 801.533.9777.
Thanks for your support!
James Evans
Utah Republican Party Chairman

Friday, December 13, 2013

State Attorney General Election December 14, 2013


Tomorrow morning, the State Central Committee will meet in Sandy, Utah, to select three candidates for the position of Attorney General. After this meeting, the three names will be sent to the Governor and he will select one to fill the vacant position.

To ensure public access, the State Party will live stream the meeting tomorrow on its website here. The meeting will begin at 10:00AM and the Attorney General election is the first item on the agenda.

You can also find the latest updates here, or watch Wednesday's Attorney General debate here.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and hope you will tune in.
Thanks for your support!
James Evans - Utah Republican Party Chairman
James Evans
Utah Republican Party Chairman

Message from Senator Wayne Harper

Dear Neighbor:
Routinely during the year and each week during the legislative session, I send out update emails and questions on which that I need your input. Below is the December 2013 pre-session email as an example.
Thank you,
Wayne Harper
Senator Wayne Harper
State of Utah
Senate District 6
West Jordan & Taylorsville
December 1, 2013
Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Prior to the 2014 legislative session that starts the end of January, I am requesting your input and recommendations.
There are many issues that have been discussed this year during interim meetings and as I meet with constituents as well as several key budgetary items for the next session.
Please respond to me with your comments, concerns, issues and recommendations.
Some of the key topics for the 2014 Session include:
· Common Core, is it good or bad and what does Utah do with it?
· Projected budget surpluses and additional revenue (as much as $300 million)
· Construction of new higher education and state buildings
· Local government proposal to increase the motor fuel tax by 3% (about 10 cent per gallon)
· Proposal that the state should assume management and operations of national parks and monuments
· A proposal to reduce the number of exemptions a family can claim so that families with children in school will be paying more income tax. (To generate about $400 million more for public education.)
· 30 bills on health care reform
· 30 bills on elections
· 40 bills on education
· 25 bills on tax law revisions
· Many bills on business code, towing, business development and air quality
Thank you for your involvement in this process.
I look forward to hearing from you on your priorities and issues and how I can better prepare for the upcoming session!
Wayne Harper
Proudly Serving West Jordan & Taylorsville

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Watch the Attorney General Candidates Debate!

The Attorney General debate will be today, Wednesday, December 11, from 6-8PM.
Attorney General candidates will be located at the UEN location, at the Eccles Broadcast Center. Seating is limited to only State Central Committee Members, but the debate can be seen live at

Candidates will have a two minute opening statement and a two minute closing statement. SCC members will have approximately 90 minutes of questions and answers.
Follow the debate tomorrow streaming live at The link will be posted shortly before the debate begins at 6:00PM.

Salt Lake County Republican Party