Friday, February 21, 2014

Youth Leadership School

The URepublicans are bringing the Leadership Institute to Utah to host a Youth Leadership School! This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in getting more involved in politics while meeting fellow conservatives, enhancing your resume, and learning how to better lead!
Friday, Mar. 21 - Saturday, Mar. 22, 2014

2 days and nights, $30 (meals included)
*Only $15 for Early Registration by 2/21/14!
The Leadership Institute's flagship school, nicknamed "the boot camp of politics," provides you with effective techniques to organize and lead mass-based youth efforts for and causes. Any student, candidate, or youth leader who wants to be active in the political process should attend this school.
You will learn to:
  • Organize large numbers of volunteers and voters
  • Increase the size and effectiveness of your group
  • Motivate volunteers with exciting projects
  • Host successful speaker events
  • Develop eye-catching signs and literature
  • Gain media coverage
  • Organize 12 proven activism projects
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Contact Sam Larson with any questions at
or (703) 647-3311.

Register at the URepublicans Facebook Page:
Or directly at the Leadership Institute's website: