Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gary Ott is running for re-election as Salt Lake County Recorder

It is my pleasure to announce on Friday, March 14th I filed once again to serve as your Salt Lake County Recorder.
As your Salt Lake County Recorder, I have significantly modernized and improved the Salt Lake County Recorder's office.
  • Through the use of innovation and technology I have reduced our annual budget $2.4 million.
  • Through the use of technology and attrition I have reduced the staff size by 44%.
  • I pioneered the use of digital technology and was the first in our state and second in the nation to implement electronic filing of documents. Currently, 60% of all recordings done in the office are done electronically.
  • I have also taken a very expensive website and made it cost neutral.
This represents a considerable savings to you, the tax payers of Salt Lake County. These innovations improve the efficiency and accuracy of our office, thus helping protect land owners from fraud.
I am appreciative and humbled by the strong support you have all shown me. I am also proud and humbled to be a recipient of The Lincoln Service Award in 2014 for recognition of outstanding service and leadership on behalf of the citizens of Salt Lake County and the County Republican Party. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as your County Recorder. I will continue to look for inefficiencies and manage the office in the same fiscally conservative manner I have done in the past and make improvements to the office, as we move forward.
I feel I have done a lot to improve our office and feel there is much more I can do. I would appreciate your continued support and vote in the upcoming election. It has been my pleasure to serve you and I hope to continue doing so.
Gary Ott
Salt Lake County Recorder
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