Friday, March 14, 2014

K. Wayne Cushing, Salt Lake County Treasurer, seeks re-election

K. Wayne Cushing, CPA
2014 Announcement to run for
Re-election as our
Salt Lake County Treasurer

It was truly a humbling experience when I was elected by the public to serve as Salt Lake County Treasurer in 2010. Our campaign began in March of 2010 with the hope of convincing delegates and subsequently voters that although I was not politically connected, I had the education, financial background, and business experience to excel as the Treasurer. It was most gratifying to know that our message was heard and your trust was gained.
I have not forgotten that trust and have made every effort these past three years to make improvements to the Treasurer's office. I am confident, and hopefully you will agree, that the improvements made warrant a second term in office.
Some of our major accomplishments include:
  • Total collections have increased by 10% to over $1.04 billion per year.
  • Total delinquencies have decreased by 32% to $43 million.
  • Total tax relief awarded to qualified recipients increased by 16 % to over $8 million.
  • Budgets were decreased every year in areas for which we have control totaling over $140,000.
  • Strategic investment changes increased investment income by over $430,000 since 2010.
  • Staffing has dropped from 29 to 25.
More improvements are already launched or on the horizon including:
  • Initiated and wrote revisions to an existing tax statute that is currently moving through the 2014 legislature where tax notices may be delivered electronically to those who choose that option which can save tens of thousands of dollars in printing and postage costs.

  • Increased efforts to find those who truly need and qualify for tax relief

  • Synchronizing cash flow requirements with new investment opportunities will increase yields.
Without this being a presidential election year, our party will need everyone to participate to ensure success at the polls. I would certainly welcome your vote again as part of our overall GOP success.
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