Friday, March 21, 2014

Report of 2014 Caucus Meeting for WJD030

Our caucus meeting was held last night Thursday March 20 at West Jordan Middle School There were 38 registered Republicans in attendance. Fifteen of these people registered for the meeting online using the new Voter Click system. There were no Same Day Ballots brought to the meeting. There were also no ballots submitted by email from military and religious service citizens. The Republican Party Platform was read and there was some interesting political discussion. We elected Precinct officers, two state delegates and four county delegates. Here the election results with contact information for those who will be serving us.

Precinct Chair            Jeanette Drake       801-561-8745
Precinct Vice Chair    Doreen Peel           801-856-0616 
Secretary/Treasurer   Michael Mahnken   801-897-5209

State Delegate           Mills Crenshaw       801-706-2256
State Delegate           Brandon Dupuis      801-856-5192  

County Delegate        Jeanette Drake        801-561-8745
County Delegate        Michael Mahnken    801-897-5209
County Delegate        Carolee Sundberg   801- 569-2251
County Delegate        Van Walther            801-718-4295