Friday, October 31, 2014

Utah GOP calls out Doug Owens for Making False Claims

The Utah Republican Party sent out the press release below following today's 4th district debate between Mia Love and Doug Owens:

For Immediate Release
Thursday, October 30, 2014
Contact: James Evans

Utah Republican Party Exposes Myths Told by Doug Owens during Today’s 4th Congressional District Debate

Doug Owens continues to offer no solutions, just attacks. He also made several factual misstatements during today’s debate. Here are a few of them:

MYTH #1: "I certainly have never made a comment about my opponent’s faith. I have never attacked my opponent personally."

TRUTH: When speaking to a group of Democrats back in April, Doug Owens personally attacked Mia Love by saying, "I don't think Mia Love represents LDS values, frankly."

Earlier this month, a reporter questioned Owens on whether he still stands by that statement. He responded by saying, "I stand by what I said, absolutely."

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MYTH #2: "I have out-fundraised Mia in the state of Utah."

TRUTH: As of the latest FEC report, Mia Love has fundraised $477,833 from Utah donors. Doug Owens has fundraised $440,997 from Utah donors.

Doug Owens has just 566 Utah donors. His Utah supporters give an average of $779.

Mia Love has 2,541 Utah donors. Love's Utah supporters give an average of $188. Her base of financial support in Utah is clearly much broader than that of her opponent.


MYTH #3: "There is no such thing as a federal monopoly on student loans."

TRUTH: The Department of Education has a huge monopoly on the student loan marketplace as a consequence of the 2010 federal takeover of the student loan industry. As explained in the Wall Street Journal, "The Department of Education became the originator of roughly 90% of U.S. student loans thanks to a provision passed along with the Affordable Care Act in 2010." Countless other publications agree with the Wall Street Journal on this point.

Moreover, Doug Owens admitted in today's debate that he supported the federal government's elimination of private student loan lenders "as a cost-saving measure." His position backs the Obama administration's 2010 takeover of the student loan marketplace, a takeover which has done nothing to stop tuition rates from skyrocketing and has resulted in fewer student loan options for student borrowers.

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MYTH #4: "Mia supported the government shutdown."

TRUTH: Mia Love did not support the government shutdown. This is a ridiculous allegation that has no basis in fact. Mia has stated repeatedly that she would not have supported a government shutdown. Her long-standing position on the shutdown is as follows: "I would have voted against funding Obamacare and voted to keep open the rest of the government."

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