Friday, October 28, 2016

Mia Love is Outraged!

I just received this email from the Mia Love Campaign. I haven't seen the Instagram pictures ad, but it is good to know that the pictures are fake. 

I am frustrated and outraged by the lies and deception that Nancy Pelosi and Doug Owens have demonstrated throughout this campaign.

Their most recent political trick comes from their TV ad that uses fake Instagram pictures designed to look like they came from my account. This is dishonest and downright shameful.

I have sent cease and desists letters to all major cable stations in Utah demanding that this false and deceiving ad be removed — but Doug Owens’ deceptive ads are still up on the air.

Doug Owens knows he can’t win this election by relying on the truth, so he and his liberal ally Nancy Pelosi plotted and schemed a way to mislead the voters and slander my name all in the name of getting elected.

False and negative ads like this one are the reason we launched the Momentum4Mia fund – to combat these baseless attacks from now until the last vote is counted on Election Day.

Contribute right now to help us fight back and keep dishonest people from representing us.

Thank you,
Mia Love