Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Information about Tomorrow's Meeting

Here is the link to information about the Salt Lake County Republican Central Committee Meeting.

Here is the proposed bylaw change that I will be voting on. I am studying the issue. Please contact me if you want to share your opinion and/or advise me.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment
November 15, 2012

SPONSORS: Chair Julie Dole, Vice Chair Chad Bennion, Secretary Ben Soholt, Treasurer Rob Anderson, Region Chair Barbara Stallone, Senate 9 Chair Neal Summers, Senate 10 Chair Michelle Hunt, Senate 11 Chair Mark Mills, Senate 12 Chair Kent Nay, Legislative 30 Chair Carma Nay, Precinct HER011 Chair Valarie Kingsbury, UT State House 38 Representative Eric Hutchings, Salt Lake County Assessor Lee Gardner, Salt Lake County Councilman At-Large Richard Snelgrove, Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott, Salt Lake County Treasurer K. Wayne Cushing.

Bylaws are the governing ordinances of our organization. As such, they should be respected and adhered to unless a significant reason exists to change them. Any changes should be made only after careful review and consideration, a comment period by all Republicans wishing to participate, and a final vote by County Central Committee Members. This procedure will prevent contradictory and confusing amendments being put into place and allow our Bylaw Committee the opportunity and time necessary to thoroughly review our current bylaws to correct any outdated or contradictory sections and to consider any other proposed amendments. Most major organizations designate an annual or biennial meeting with significant time for review by their Bylaw Committee and include a comment period for their members. It is wise for us to designate a biennial review held in odd years when municipal elections take place, as partisan election years require our attention to meeting our goal of getting qualified Republicans elected. Under our current form, considerable time may be lost at Central Committee Meetings hearing proposed bylaw amendments without allowing the body enough time to research the consequences. This continual amending of the bylaws without proper review and consideration may result in a number of bylaws that are contradictory and confusing.

Section 1. Amendments

A. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the County Central Committee with a minimum quorum of 20% of total membership present at a the duly-called County Central Committee meeting provided that prior notice is given in the notice of the meeting.
1. Bylaw changes will only be entertained at a biennial County Central Committee meeting designated for Bylaw changes, review and/or revision. The third quarter County Central Committee meeting occurring in odd years (municipal elections) will be designated as the meeting where Bylaws will be changed, reviewed, and/or revised.
2. All Bylaw changes and/or revisions will be submitted to the Bylaw Committee for their review, no later than the first quarter of odd years. All proposed Bylaw changes will be presented at the second quarter County Central Committee Meeting in odd years. No vote will be taken; the proposed changes will be shared electronically with Central Committee Members and party members for their review and comments. The final discussion and vote of Bylaw changes will be held during the third quarter meeting of odd years.

B. Proposed amendments must be submitted to members at least ten (10) working days prior to the date of the County Central Committee meeting, provided that such amendments may be amended at the meeting in accordance with the rules governing the meeting. When an action is under debate or before the County Central Committee, no amendment shall be in order when such amendment relates to a different purpose than the original action. No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted as an amendment.