Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salt Lake County Republican Central Committee Meeting November 15

Here is the news from Julie Dole about tomorrow's meeting at 6:00 PM at Union Middle School:

I would like to invite everyone, who wishes to attend, to our quarterly Central Committee Meeting this Thursday. We will be discussing an important Bylaw change, that will be voted on by credentialed members, as well as hearing from our Newly Elected Republicans.

Are you tired of the rules shifting like sand, bylaw changes that are not well thought out, don't make sense, or appear to benefit cer
tain groups? The proposed Bylaw Amendment to Article XI is here to help by addressing how and when we make changes to our Bylaws and provides for public input and allows all changes to be well researched and vetted by ALL interested Republicans. Most organizations of our size already have this as a standard practice. We need to remember that the main goal of our organization is to get qualified Republicans elected, not to change our governing documents on a whim. The purpose of bylaws is to provide stability and continuity. Bylaws are designed to provide a level playing field and allow all members to know what the rules of the the body are.