Saturday, January 19, 2013

Campaign to Fix the Debt

Here is a message from Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright about  the Campaign to Fix the Debt. This is worthy goal for all of us to support.

On Thursday, I joined local officials, business leaders and concerned citizens to come together to officially launch the Utah chapter of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. The Campaign to Fix the Debt is a non-partisan movement to put America on a better fiscal and economic path. We come together from a variety of social, economic and political perspectives, around the common belief that America's growing federal debt threatens our future and that we must address it.

We all know how we got so far in debt as a Country: tax cuts dating back to 2001, increased spending on entitlement programs, war spending and the other massive spending increases the federal government has engaged in. What we need to understand is that it will get much worse if we don’t do something. Healthcare costs will continue to increase at a rapid pace, the American population is aging, interest rates are beginning to rise and the cost of funding the government far outpaces the government’s revenue projections.

These are not partisan problems – both parties are responsible and more importantly both parties need to be responsible for coming up with a solution.

We need to enact deficit reductions in order to stabilize the debt; replace mindless, abrupt deficit reduction with thoughtful changes that reform the tax code and cut spending; and we need to look down the road and focus on the rapid growth of entitlement programs.

I need your help. Please text “sign” to 877877 or visit and sign the petition to encourage Washington to put aside their differences, work together and fix the debt.


Chairman Thomas Wright

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