Friday, February 22, 2013

Help Decide How the Utah Republican Party Nominates Its Candidates

Here is an email message from Chairman Thomas Wright inviting all Republicans to help decide how our nomination system works:

In a recent meeting with Republican leaders from across the state, we discussed the need to address how our Caucus and Convention nomination system works. We recognize there are some challenges associated with it and the Utah Republican Party is committed to providing a system that works for Utah and supplies the highest participation by its citizenry.
Because we believe that public input and participation is vital to a healthy electorate, I want to invite you and your neighbors to share your thoughts and ideas at I created this website so you can share your ideas on how the Republican Party should select its candidates. I want all Utahns to have their voices heard and have a say in who appears on their ballot in November.
We want to flesh out the Direct Primary model, the Caucus and Convention model and create a process that best represents Utah. Just as we recognize that the Caucus and Convention model has flaws, we also want Utahns to understand the downsides and flaws of a Direct Primary. We are committed to listening and to making changes that will open up doors to a more engaged citizenry.
You can go to and submit proposals until March 23. You can also review and comment on other ideas that have been put forward. In addition to the website, The Republican Party will be hosting a series of Town Hall meetings to meet with voters face to face.
Republican leaders will meet again on March 23 to discuss the ideas that have been submitted. This is your chance to make change. Please join the conversation and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same! Go to and submit a proposal today!


Chairman Thomas Wright