Monday, April 14, 2014

Salt Lake County Convention Results

April 12, 2014

Cottonwood High School
5715 South 1300 East, Murray, Ut 84121

 Thank you to Van, Mike, Caralee and Jeanette for attending the Salt Lake County Nominating Convention and representing our precinct. There were 2,232 Delegates in attendance. We appreciate your diligence, dedication, & service in vetting our outstanding candidates.

County Assessor:Jake Parkinson52.80%Primary
Kevin Jacobs47.20%Primary
County Auditor:Gregory Hawkins30.56%
Scott Tingley69.44%Nominee
County Council At-Large A:Micah Bruner71.08%Nominee
(Run-off Election)Melvin Nimer28.92%
County Council 5:Kit Erickson33.88%
Steven DeBry66.12%Nominee
State Senate 2:George Chapman40.96%Primary
(Run-off Election)Jacquie Nielsen59.04%Primary
State Senate 4:Philip Carlson24.73%
Sabrina Petersen75.27%Nominee
Legislative/ House 22:William “Bill” Both76.19%Nominee
Daniel Cripps23.81%
Legislative/ House 25:Gordon Gurr95.65%Nominee
William Lee4.35%
Legislative/ House 30:Fred Cox68.75%Nominee
Carbon Lundgren31.25%
Legislative/ House 31:Sophia DiCaro82.05%Nominee
Fred Johnson17.95%
Legislative/ House 32:LaVar Christensen79.46%Nominee
Austin Linford20.54%
Legislative/ House 38:Eric HutchingsNominee
David HowickWithdrawn
Legislative/ House 42:Jim Bird28.09%
Kim Coleman71.91%Nominee
Legislative/ House 44:Bruce Cutler67.10%Nominee
Raymond Poole28.95%
John Jackson3.95%
Legislative/ House 50:Rich Cunningham80.43%Nominee
Louis Gary Welch19.57%
Legislative/ House 51:Greg Hughes66.67%Nominee
Sione Tavake33.33%

Thank you to all of our candidates that ran in this election!