Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014 General Election Results in Salt Lake County

The Salt Lake County Republican Party is grateful for all of the commitment, sacrifice, hard work, and principled campaigning that resulted in a very successful 2014 Campaign Season. Thank you to all of you who were involved in the vetting, selection, and campaign process that led to GOP victory in 2014!

Ballots that still need to be processed include 10,156 ballots mailed or delivered to polling locations, 550 paper ballots cast at polling locations, and 9,717 provisional ballots.

We likely have retained all of our previously held seats and picked up the 4th Congressional District! Congratulations to all of our successful Republican candidates listed below!

We are grateful to all Republicans who donated time, effort, money, phone calls, and conversations with family, friends, and neighbors to generate these positive results.

We express special thanks and gratitude to all those who ran hard but did not win. It takes courage and a willingness to sacrifice a lot of time, money, and personal interests to run for office. These candidates served the GOP, the election process, and their neighbors of other or no party affiliation by taking the risk to run. We thank all of you listed below and wish you well as you get back to your regular lives! We hope the final count moves three of you into the win column!

We are still very close to picking up seats in the following three tight races! There are still 695, 750, and 1148 ballots yet to count respectively in the following three races, so we may end up winning one or more of these seats! We will know for sure on November 18th at 4 PM when the final count is certified.

We should view our overall results as a significant achievement. The off-presidential election year is the best time for Democrats to pick up seats. They didn't do so and we still may end up picking up the three seats listed above. We did gain the 4th Congressional District! Congratulations Mia!

All this despite intense efforts by the Democratic Party to:
  • Target huge sums to unseat Republican incumbents
  • Improve their vote by mail enrollments
  • Go door to door to get out the vote
The State GOP and Salt Lake County GOP successfully countered these efforts by Democrats. We organized, signed up mail in enrollments, called and went door to door to get out the vote, and raised money to support our candidates. We got out and voted! Again, we are grateful for all who helped.

We are excited and thrilled with successful results for the Republican Party nationally and the potential for Republican principles to redirect the course of this great nation. We must ensure the prosperity and success of our children and grandchildren. American constitutional freedom is the greatest hope for economic success and liberty for every child in the United States of America and for generations yet unborn. It is a beacon of hope and a light on a hill to families throughout the world who struggle for freedom under repressive governments that keep them from achieving their full potential. We stand ready with our Republican platform, principles, and dedication to constitutional rule of law, to be the guardians of the freedom, liberty, and future success of all Americans. We commit to stand tall to shine the light of liberty throughout the world to those seeking freedom from government oppression.

God bless all of you who stand ready to preserve and protect the Cause of Freedom.

God bless America.
Dale Ash
Salt Lake County Republican Party
PO Box 849
Salt Lake City, UT 84096