Monday, October 10, 2016

Book Review: Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Dick Morris is a political strategist who worked for the Clintons in the White House and before that in their Arkansas days. He sees another Clinton presidency as America's worst nightmare. So he calls this election an Armageddon or a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil.

Dick's wife Eileen McGann is the publisher of Together they have written 15 books, 10 New York Times best sellers.

Here is the strategy and the pertinent issues that the authors lay out for Trump.
1. Use the Right Jab to Bring Out Our Base.
Terrorism is the key issue. ISIS has grown on her watch. Obama Care is failing to keep its promises.
2. Throw the Left Hook! Destroy the Obama/Hillary Base.
Bring the Jobs Home to win the White Working Class.Trump is pointing out the bad deals we have with China and Mexico and the TPP and how this costs American jobs. He is also pointing out how illegal immigrants are taking jobs and holding down wages. Issues about Wall Street was a big difference  in the Primary Election between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Hopefully Trump will win over the Sanders supporters.
3. Peel Away Hillary's base Constituencies. Use the issues of education and school choice. Win over women, Hispanics, Black voters, and young voters.

There is a compelling chapter called A Dozen Reasons Hillary Should Not Be President.

I thought the economic issues were detailed well in this book. According to the authors and the documentation in the notes, income inequality in this country is getting worse. "And according to Emmanuel Saez, a top liberal economist from Berkley, under Barack Obama, 91% of the increase in earnings went to the top 1%." p. 96

A quote that I have thought about a lot is from Bob Crandall of American Airlines.  He said "New York is tough but it is not mean. Washington is mean but it is not tough." There is more to the quote. I think the authors are trying to explain how Trump being a New Yorker businessman is tough and he offends people, but he is not cut throat mean like the Washington establishment.

In the opinion of the authors Bernie Sanders did not put pressure on Hillary and use her many scandals in his campaign. They believe this was his mistake. It looks like Trump is taking their advice and is putting pressure on Hillary Clinton.

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