Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump's Comments: The Latest Left Wing Hysteria

I am going to share a link to Dennis Prager's column. I think he does a good job of putting the last week's events into perspective as hysteria being a tactic of left wing politics.

Like everyone else I was disgusted with the video, etc. As far as I know, it is foreign and shocking to my circle of family and friends. We are trying to forget all the specifics and we don't want to hear it again. I think that all of our Utah politicians and  office holders were put in a position of having to condemn Donald Trump and to call for him to resign. They have to protect their own political future. Those of us who have children feel like we have to stand for decency. If we are Christians we know it is not church standards and we think we need to defend our values. We want to be good examples in everything we do.

But I also believe that this election is a battle for good and evil. There is a saying that evil will triumph, if good men do nothing. We need to stop Hillary Clinton and the left wing agenda. She is deceptive. She is a liar. She is not what she says she is. She is for abortion, for gun control, against religious freedom, against American business and free enterprise and job creation. She will keep the poor exactly where they are, so they will continue to vote for her and her party. She is for open borders so that immigrants can come in and change the structure of our society.

If we don't do all we can to stop her, we will have to live with the consequences. I think that we need to put all our efforts into winning the battle. We might have to sacrifice our personal feelings. It might seem like we are going against our consciences. It might seem like a sin to vote for a wicked man.

But we knew who Donald Trump was before the 11-year-old video came out. Maybe that is why we didn't vote for him here in Utah. If you voted for a good candidate in the Primary Caucuses then you can take comfort in that. Such as "I can look my children and grandchildren in the eye and say I voted for Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. I hope that was a decent choice. But now we are in a different stage of the political process and I feel like Donald Trump is the right choice because third party candidates and write-in candidates very rarely win. I am thinking of long term good. I would rather have you live in a country with constitutional rights of religion, free speech, bearing arms, economic opportunity and have military strength and national security than have me being able to have a warm feeling that I voted for someone who didn't offend me."

I realize that I could be wrong and Donald Trump could turn out to be a terrible president. I don't know. But I am going to take that chance and I hope the majority of Americans will take that chance too.

I am with Bishop Harry Jackson. "We are in a street fight. Are you going to fight or step to the side and say 'Ooh-- I am offended." He also said that there are three ways to support Hillary  Clinton. 1. Vote for her. 2. Vote for a third party or write-in candidate. 3. Don't vote. Be the good person who did nothing.

So after that rant. Here is the link to Dennis Prager's explanation of left wing hysteria.