Thursday, October 27, 2016

Warning Message -- Do not give your ballot to someone else to mail or turn in!

Dear Friend,

Due to recent events, it appears Doug Owens and the Utah Democratic Party are collecting ballots from voters in Salt Lake County.

Not only is this cheating, it is also a direct violation of election laws due to the undemocratic nature of undermining fair elections.

  1. If anyone offers to mail in or turn in your ballot for you that this is a method used by Democrats. If this happens to you, please contact the Lieutenant Governors Office immediately. Their telephone number is (801) 538-1041.
  2. Your ballot must be postmarked by November 7th if they are to be counted.
  3. You can ensure that your ballot was received by going to
  4. If your county is participating in vote by mail and you have not received your ballot, please contact your county clerk's office.
  5. WE NEED YOU TO VOTE! Mail in your ballot or cast your vote in person to ensure that Utah continues to be one of the best run states in the nation!