Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why We Wanted to Add Facebook as Our Friend -- Mayor Kim Rolfe

In the October 2016 West Journal I read the 'Mayor's Message" about the consequences of not getting the Facebook data center built in West Jordan. As many of you know, multiple government entities were involved in this. West Jordan City was in favor of this and the Salt Lake County Council was not. I noticed on Facebook at the time that Ben McAdams was particularly opposed. In the end Facebook decided to build in New Mexico and West Jordan lost the benefits of future taxes from other businesses that Facebook would have attracted to our community.

One of the issues of the election is economic development. Because of the Mountain View Highway Corridor there are many opportunities for development in the west side of Salt Lake Valley. Who is going to plan all this development? Is there going to be local control by the elected representatives of the people who live here? Or will others make these decisions? Who is going to get the tax benefits?

I believe this is something that we need to consider when we vote for county mayor. Ben Adams and David Robinson are running.

I tried to find a good link to Mayor Kim Rolfe's well-written message. At the West Jordan Journal's web site they have web pages devoted to Ben Adams County Mayor's Messages but not to Kim Rolfe's West Jordan City Mayor's Messages. However, I was able to find Rolfe's message under E-Editions. So you have to go to an electronic copy of the print edition and go to page 15 and zoom in to read it. It might be easier to read the print edition that was delivered to your home. Here is the link