Thursday, March 20, 2014

Caucus Night Has Arrived!

Caucus night has finally arrived! You still have time to pre-register if you haven't done so already. Click here to sign-in now for your neighborhood caucus meeting tonight and avoid waiting in the check-in line. If you register online you don’t have to fill out the sign-in sheet.
Also, if you find out you won’t be able to make it to your Caucus, you can still vote by printing your absentee ballot and have a family member or friend bring it to your caucus in a sealed envelope (remember to sign the back of the envelope), with a copy of your I.D. (Note & Important– we will not take the copy of your I.D. It will stay in possession of the person you gave it to). Each person may bring a maximum of 3 absentee ballots. Your absentee ballot will count for every round of voting your candidates are in.
We have made some changes to these meetings and our commitment is that the 2014 Caucuses last no longer than 2 hours!
We have sped up the check-in process by using online registration and encouraging the precincts to limit voting to two rounds. With that, everyone should make the 2 hour goal.
We know in 2012 many caucus meetings went very long because of the high turnout. We heard you and we have made the necessary changes.
Now, all we need is YOU tonight, 7pm at your neighborhood caucus. See you there!
Thank you for your support of the Utah Republican Party.
James Evans - Utah Republican Party Chairman
James Evans
Utah Republican Party Chairman