Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kevin Jacobs is running for re-election as Salt Lake County Assessor

I am excited to announce that I have filed as a candidate to continue serving you as the Salt Lake County Assessor! In the six months since the Central Committee appointed me to fill Lee Gardner's term in office, I have worked very hard to make substantial changes to the office. The most significant changes include:
Reorganized the office
  • I split the Real Property Division into two smaller divisions, the Residential Division and the Commercial Division.
  • At the same time, I dissolved the Statistical and Modeling Division, as well as the Appeals Section, and assigned those individuals to the respective Residential or Commercial Division.
  • This realignment means the two divisions have all the responsibilities and resources for their area. All phases of property valuation are now "self-contained" within each division. Appraisers and statisticians now work together as a team, which enhances their communication and makes them more accountable for the final product.
    Completely revised how appraisers are assigned their work
  • Previously, appraisers would work in one area of the county and then move to another area the following year. Now, appraisers are assigned to one area and will not rotate. They will be responsible for new construction, reappraisal, and the appeals that come from their area.
  • The appraisers will focus on gaining a very detailed knowledge of their area and the changes that are happening within it.
    These changes are a fundamental shift in how the office functions on a daily basis. I am committed to enhance the performance of the office, and assure you that I am working diligently to make it happen!
    Thank you for your support,
    Kevin Jacobs
    Salt Lake County Assessor
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