Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Precinct Elections at Caucus

Here is a list of those selected to represent our precinct in the political process for the next two years.

Precinct Chair           Jeanette Drake

Precinct Vice Chair   Dee Peel

Secretary/Treasurer  Michael Mahnken

State Delegate          Van Walther

State Delegate          Nick Lloyd

County Delegate      Adam Gardiner

County Delegate      Jeanette Drake

County Delegate      Bruce Sailor

County Delegate      Ty Grigg

County Delegate      Skip Overby

FYI: Merlene Cook is a member of our Precinct and she is a Regional Chair for the Salt Lake County Republican Party.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Caucus Meeting last night. We had 38 attend our Caucus Meeting two years ago and this year's attendance was roughly three times that. We are all busy people but hopefully we can all pick some way to serve our country and our community by participating as responsible informed citizens in our political process.