Monday, March 21, 2016

Running for County and State Delegate at Caucus tomorrow night

Tomorrow we will be electing precinct officers and county and state delegates.
If you are planning on running for county or state delegate, please be prepared to tell the caucus attendees which candidates you will be supporting, or at least some of your thoughts and which way your are leaning.

COUNTY DELEGATES: County delegates will decide two convention races this year, both for the legislature.
House District 43: Earl Tanner (incumbent) v. Adam Gardiner
Senate District 6 (Most of HD43): Wayne Harper (incumbent) v. Jeff Haaga (West Jordan City Council)
Senate District 10 (A little of HD43): Lincoln Fillmore (incumbent) v. Rich Cunningham (currently in Utah House)
US Senate: Mike Lee (incumbent) v. William Gaskill
Governor: Gary Herbert (incumbent) v. Jonathan Johnson v. Nate Jensen v. Carlos Tavares
State Treasurer: David Damschen (incumbent) v. Merrill Cook