Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mike Lee: It's Time to Show Up

Our opportunity to determine the direction of this country is right here, right now, in this election.

For those of us who believe in freedom, democracy, and the rule of law: now is not the time to be a sideline observer.

Our cause is no different today than it was when Ronald Reagan led our conservative movement: Freedom. Security. Prosperity. This is our common purpose.

Today, these things are in jeopardy and the American people know it.

We have it within our ability turn things around. But it must start this November, with this election, your vote, and your help.

It is right now that we must unite as Republicans and ensure conservatism is alive and well in the Senate.

In crucial states our nation’s biggest issues are on the ballot:

National Security is on the ballot
Amnesty is on the ballot
Obamacare is on the ballot
Obama’s lawlessness is on the ballot
Fiscal responsibility, the national debt, and out-of-control spending are on the ballot
Respect for life is on the ballot

Send a message to Barack Obama today, and help me in bringing more conservatives to the U.S. Senate.

The only message we need is one of victory come November.

For the cause of liberty, Conservatives have never been afraid to stand up.

And this November, it’s time to show up.

Mike Lee
US Senator, Utah
Friends of Mike Lee, Inc.
10 West Broadway, Suite 500 | Salt Lake City, UT 84101