Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wanda Aman Endorsed by Governor Gary Herbert

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, Oct 29, 2014 -- Candidate for County Clerk Wanda Amann announced today that she has received the endorsement of Governor Gary Herbert in the race for Salt Lake County Clerk. In making his endorsement, Governor Herbert said that Wanda Amann is the best candidate to look out for Salt Lake County's voters and potential voters.
"I am supporting Wanda Amann for Salt Lake County Clerk. Wanda is a strong defender of the right to vote," said Governor Herbert. "We need someone with the vision to help reverse Utah's declining voter participation trend. Wanda's proven leadership, background, and skills qualify her as the best person to reverse this trend. She is the best choice for Salt Lake County Clerk. Please vote Wanda Amann on November 4," said Governor Herbert
Wanda Amann responded, "Governor Herbert understands the importance of the office of County Clerk. He knows that Salt Lake County must lead the State of Utah in election innovation and I am thrilled to have his support for my campaign. Utah's voter turnout has fallen drastically over the 24 years that the current County Clerk has been in office. I know that our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy are dependent on increased voter involvement. I want to implement my business experience to make the Clerk's office more customer service oriented. I will provide citizens with streamlined easy access to information about all the processes, candidates and issues so they can easily register to vote, navigate the election process and be informed voters. I would be honored to be your next Salt Lake County Clerk."
Wanda stated, "The County Clerk is responsible equally to all citizens, voters and candidates regardless of affiliation. It is critical that elections be conducted fairly and securely. However, statistics show the decreasing voter turnout has been particularly significant among Salt Lake County Republicans. This election is expected to have voter turnout at an all-time low, so I encourage all voters to make your voice heard and VOTE. This year you can register at your precinct polling location on Nov 4 and vote the same day."
Wanda Amann, who holds a BS degree in Business Economics from the University of Utah is a successful business woman who has 30 years customer service and marketing experience with local, regional and national corporations. She participated extensively on Mitt Romney's 2012 Presidential Campaign where she oversaw caucuses in many states and supervised several of the highest attended polling places in the last weeks of the election.
For more information about Wanda Amann visit her website at or call 801-671-9195 or email

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