Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wanda Amann for Salt Lake County Clerk

Here is Wanda's web site.  She is also on Facebook (Wanda Amann) and has sponsored several events on Facebook. Here is a link to her answers to questions from Utah Family Magazine.

I have met Wanda on several occasions. I was impressed that she participated in the 2012 Presidential Campaign in other states and I believe she knows a lot about the election process. I am impressed that she is a go-getter and very pro-active.

Here is a quote from her web site about her civic service experience.

"In addition, Wanda has invested hundreds of hours in civic service. She is uniquely qualified to oversee the County elections and services as evidenced by her significant involvement with the 2012 national political campaign in UT, CO, NY, IA, MO and NV. Wanda supervised 15 polling locations for three weeks and 34 precincts for the Presidential Caucus. All of her activities were entirely self-funded."