Monday, March 26, 2012

Fasting for Our Country

This blog post is different than any other I have posted so far. I have been following the blog Evangelicals for Mitt by the husband and wife team of David and Nancy French. I was impressed with this post by Nancy about fasting and prayer. I believe there is great power in our nation uniting together in prayer and that is it appropriate no matter what our politics or the candidates we support. Please read  and ponder what she has to say at this link Fasting for America 
It has been a great experience for me to fast from the Internet.  

And you might also enjoy reading the book Home and Away: A Story of a Family in Time of War. This book is about the year that David was serving in Iraq. Caution: It might make you cry, so avoid reading it in a doctor's office or other public place if you don't want to be seen weeping. This is what happened to me.